Ingredients and Production

GranaGard’s Active Ingredients, Production and  Product Description  

Production: Pomegranate seed oil is extracted from the isolated seeds of the pomegranates. The production is carried out via “cold pressing” to preserve the effectiveness of its Omega 5 (Punicic Acid).

Cold Pressing: GranaGard applies special care to maintain the integrity of the active ingredient of the oil, Omega 5 (Punicic Acid). The oil is extracted from the pomegranate seeds through a cold-pressing process, which is mainly based on the physical process of high pressure and the separation of oil in a centrifuge similar to “high quality” olive oil. Cold pressing does not use any solvents. The result is zero contamination of the oil avoiding unwanted substances. The oil does not undergo any further processing so it also preserves other active ingredients such as Vitamin E and lecithin.

Omega 5 (Punicic Acid):

The highest concentrated source of Omega 5 in nature is found in pomegranate seed oil which contains around an 80% concentration.

Unsaturated fatty acid C18H30O2 (punicic acid) is composed of three double bonds and is considered a compound with very high anti-oxidative activity. We successfully tested it by adding our patented nanotechnology to pomegranate seed oil and to its active compounds directly.

Safety: Both pomegranate oil and its active ingredient Omega 5 (Punicic Acid) are natural substances as stated in the FDA GRAS list. They are very safe and not considered toxic. The oil itself is used as a safe and healthy food supplement. The oil is safe even when ingested in very high concentrations, i.e. several grams in a day. Research conducted by scientists suggests that pomegranate oil is a safe food supplement with no consumption restrictions. At Granalix, we have tested and inspected various parameters and measurements for the benefit of our consumers including:

  • The level of minerals in a single capsule
  • The Omega 5 level following production

The factory is authorized by the Israeli Ministry of Health and holds a Good Manufacturing Practices certificate, as well as ongoing kosher inspection and certification.

GranaGard Product Features

Shelf Life: 3 years


Kosher: Approval and continual ingredient and process inspections by the local Rabbanut of Nof Hagalil (Nazareth Illit).